14 July 2012

Call Palace's cheerleaders? Definitely!

Crystal Palace may have finished 17th in the Championship last season, but as far as their cheerleaders are concerned, they qualify for the Champions League.

The Crystals have given male Eagles fans reason to cheer with this video, in which the scantily-clad beauties (all 13 of them) lip-sync to the song "Call Me Maybe" by Canadian singer Carly Rae Jepsen.

The girls followed in the footsteps of Katy Perry, Miami Dolphins' cheerleaders, and everyone's least favourite Canuck Justin Bieber by going viral with their version of the original video.

This video is just a bit of fun to add joy to a pretty humourless week for football... but might it actually backfire? Most of Crystal Palace's players are young heterosexual lads, some of whom might not have partners, and those guys might well be distracted by the cheerleaders!

The troupe captain, Bronia Gosling, thinks that's not going to happen though. She told The Sun, "Everyone's got their own opinion, but I don't think we put the players off at all - we don't go anywhere near them.

"They're there to their job and we're there to do ours. They're professional, we're professional, and we're there simply there to entertain the crowd and give the atmosphere at Selhurst Park a boost."

Being single, I personally would like to ask any of the bevy of beauties to "Call Me Maybe".

Normal football service will resume shortly.

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