24 August 2012

Football's ad enough

They say that, in television, you should never work with children or animals. Or footballers.

Two ex-professionals have recently sold themselves in advertisments which have differing effects on Anglo-Italian relations.

This first one stars Mr Unbelievable Jeff himself, Chris Kamara. The hardman-turned-hilarious pundit recently teamed up with his Italian counterpart Tiziano Crudeli to advertise betting firm Ladbrokes in a faux shampo commercial. Here, Tiziano leaves Kammy in his Prince Harry suit:

Our second advert stars another footballing brute, Stuart Pearce, who is currently the head coach of England Under-21s and, of course, recently managed Team Merchandise. He takes a break from coaching to give the Go Compare tenor further pain following his earlier mortaring by Sue Barker:

That reminded me of a few more naff advertisements starring football has-beens. This one from last year starred Sky's king of clich├ęs Jamie Redknapp and his wife Louise. This is how NOT to make an advert starring an attractive couple look cheesy as opposed to sexy. Thanks a lot, Thomas Cook.

We all know that Gary Lineker is England's second-greatest international goalscorer. We also know that he's a boring old fart who has done too many awful Walkers ads. Today, I bring you one of his earlier - and better - ones, from 1995, so not long after he retired. It's certainly a damn sight more watchable than the current one. Who wants to live forever? I don't if I have to watch THAT rubbish.

And finally, I don't have to tell you how embarrassing this 1980's Brut commercial starring Kevin Keegan and the late boxer Henry Cooper is, do I?

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