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About TDTR
The Daily Transfer Request is a new football blog launched in the summer of 2012 by Christopher Fuller.

TDTR will mainly cover the Premier League, Champions League and international football, but will also occasionally delve into lower English leagues and other European leagues.

About Chris
My name is Christopher Fuller (but you can call me Chris). I am a 22-year-old budding football journalist who has had a deep passion for the sport since the age of eight. I have lived in Romford, Essex for all of my life.

I consider myself to be honest and forthright, and will never be afraid to express my opinion. There is also a lot of humour to be found in this wonderful sport, and this is something else that I will exploit.

This is my second blog, the first being a short-lived sports blog that ran for five months during 2009.

You can contact the blog at transferrequest@live.co.uk.

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